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New Patient Reviews:

Ultimate Chiropractic Guru

The Chiropractor Ryan is amazing, super professional, and extremely helpful. I am without a doubt 100% confident that I have and will continue to receive the best possible treatment out of his office. I will never see another chiropractor again I’ve found the ultimate chiropractic Guru!!!!! TRUE STORY…

Lauren F.


This was my first time visiting a chiropractor and I was a bit hesitant due to some other injuries from a car accident. Dr. Ryan and his staff were wonderful! They immediately calmed my fears and made it apparent that they knew what they were doing. There was much explanation along the way and a cautious approach. My confidence and hope for future healing has increased ten fold!

Lisa J.

Helpful and Informative

My first visit to Ryan chiropractic was great. Dr. Ryan was very helpful, informative and has a great personality. I am confident my care is in the right hands. Let’s get cracking!!!

David M.

So Knowledgeable

Everyone was so happy and welcoming. The office is very very clean and big. I feel excited for my next visit. The staff has a excellent sense of humor and so knowledgeable about the practice and my pains.

Viviana L.

Thoroughly Impressed

Thoroughly impressed with the care and expertise Dr. Ryan Michael and Dr. Sara Panarello have. I was not only treated with attention, it was thorough and I felt safe while under their care. I am very confident that the pain that I once believe was chronic can and will be addressed and alleviated through their care and suggestions. Thanks again for treating me like the SAP I was on my first visit!

Tina G.


Dr.Ryan is excellent! He is very smart, down to earth, and very funny. He kind of reminds me of Robin Williams in Patch Adams how he made everything better with the medicine of laughter. Dr. Ryan will tell you where it hurts before you have a chance too that’s how good this guy is. I would highly recommend Dr. Ryan to anyone who is suffering from back pain.

Antonette E.

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