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New Patient Reviews:

Thank You for Answering My Questions

Dr. Ryan, thank you for the time you took to assess my injuries and explain things that were discussed during the visit when necessary. Thank you also for asking the questions you did and for answering my questions. I look forward to healing with your assistance and guidance and… doing my homework!

Mary F.

Great First Visit

I had a great first visit. Dr. Ryan was very helpful and very comfortable to be around making the overall visit great. He also noticed many health related things about myself I haven’t even known.

Reama J.

Very Professional

Mike was very cordial and very professional. His down-to-earth manner would make anyone comfortable. He explained in detail every step of the process. Even got a tour of the office. Everything seemed modern and up to date. He was very knowledgeable and made every effort to see that I understood what he could and could not do. I had a very thorough examination and he was very meticulous in studying my medical history for the root of the problem to program the best approach to solve my chiropractic pain. I’m looking forward to my next visit.

Alan M.

Knowledge is Outstanding

I had heard so many negatives about chiropractic doctors I was really apprehensive about my first visit, however, I was pleasantly surprised of the opposite. The amount of knowledge you have in the field is outstanding and it certainly makes a patient feel at ease. I could easily say you are more knowledgeable than a lot other Doctors I have met. The detailed explanation of the process, the x-ray review, and the expected treatment was also excellent and it helped me decide on the need of chiropractic treatment. It was quite refreshing to meet a health professional that has the patients’ best interest at heart. I am looking forward to the upcoming sessions and would recommend your services to anyone considering chiropractic help. Thanks for everything, and by the way thanks for sharing so many laughs, it really helped me feel less anxious about my visit.

Nady C.

Ultimate Chiropractic Guru

The Chiropractor Ryan is amazing, super professional, and extremely helpful. I am without a doubt 100% confident that I have and will continue to receive the best possible treatment out of his office. I will never see another chiropractor again I’ve found the ultimate chiropractic Guru!!!!! TRUE STORY…

Lauren F.


This was my first time visiting a chiropractor and I was a bit hesitant due to some other injuries from a car accident. Dr. Ryan and his staff were wonderful! They immediately calmed my fears and made it apparent that they knew what they were doing. There was much explanation along the way and a cautious approach. My confidence and hope for future healing has increased ten fold!

Lisa J.

Helpful and Informative

My first visit to Ryan chiropractic was great. Dr. Ryan was very helpful, informative and has a great personality. I am confident my care is in the right hands. Let’s get cracking!!!

David M.

So Knowledgeable

Everyone was so happy and welcoming. The office is very very clean and big. I feel excited for my next visit. The staff has a excellent sense of humor and so knowledgeable about the practice and my pains.

Viviana L.

Thoroughly Impressed

Thoroughly impressed with the care and expertise Dr. Ryan Michael and Dr. Sara Panarello have. I was not only treated with attention, it was thorough and I felt safe while under their care. I am very confident that the pain that I once believe was chronic can and will be addressed and alleviated through their care and suggestions. Thanks again for treating me like the SAP I was on my first visit!

Tina G.


Dr.Ryan is excellent! He is very smart, down to earth, and very funny. He kind of reminds me of Robin Williams in Patch Adams how he made everything better with the medicine of laughter. Dr. Ryan will tell you where it hurts before you have a chance too that’s how good this guy is. I would highly recommend Dr. Ryan to anyone who is suffering from back pain.

Antonette E.

Positive First Experience

This is my first experience being injured and I was put at ease immediately upon speaking with Mike and learning about my injuries and the course of action to get back to being pain free or at least prior to impact normal. I appreciate how this process has been for me.

Taja C.